Pure Fiji Earth Hour

Earth hour 2010 and worldwide fund in Fiji by taking advantage of Pure fiji's special Earth Hour, 20% off Candles.Buy a Candle at www.purefiji.com and use the facebook coupan EARTHHOUR at checkout to receive your 20% discount. Pure Fiji will donate a further 15% of all candle sales from their earth hour promotion to WWF Fiji!!!. Promotion ends 28th March, 2010.

WOW! isnt this great. I totally support earth hour and i liked what PureFiji is running here.

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Talk about Pure Fiji, i have been using their products for the past 2 years and i luv their products. Especially when its made from pure coconut oil and flower extracts. Coconuts are good for your health, this is as good as drinking and as well as for your skin, it contains vitamins and nutrients. The coconut water has potassium, calcium and magnesium.

I have been using Pure Fijis hydrating body lotion and soap alot, bought the frangapani one, others include watermelon, gingerlilly, pineapple,starfruit and honey etc.and beleive me they smell like heaven lol.

Pure fiji have products like:

Coconut spa soap

coconut milk shower gel
cocnut creme body scrub
coconut milk bath soal


Body Butter
Hydrating body lotion

Bath oils

Coconut sugar scrub

These organic products make your skin glow with their hand made products.

They have also announced their new product line "Island bliss".


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