Top 10 Signs You’re A Beauty Junkie

10) Your dog’s name is MAC and your cat’s name is Sephora.
9) When they see you coming, girls at the cosmetics counter climb over each other so that they can be the one to give you the all best, most coveted, free samples. They know you’ll make their quota for the month.
8) You have a panic attack when you drop your lipgloss at the movies and it rolls away, even though you have 8 more glosses in your purse.
7) You need to buy a bigger house because your beauty products need their own wing.
6) You have a t-shirt that says Botox in rhinestones, and another that says Restylane.
5) After you leave Sephora, customers start complaining that half the products in the store are out of stock.
4) You’ve been seeing your Cosmetic Dermatologist for only a few years, but thanks to you, he is now set for life, and he retires.
3) It’s the third week in January, and you’ve already used all your sick days for the year due to “bad hair days.”
2) Dr. Phil calls and wants to do a show about crazed women obsessed with beauty products. You agree to go on the show if you can plug your beauty blog.
1) Your family and friends urge you to go on a mystery reality show, and later find out you’re on “Intervention” for being a beauty junkie


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