Avons cinnamon cream 273

I should say a very lovely color, i so fell in love with this color of avons, A must try nail polish. I wore it like for 24 hours and it didnt chipp, actually nail polish on my nails hardly ever chip i dont know why, well i guess i dont put them too long thats why, I cant put polish on my nails more than 24 hrs lol, well yeah.


FernLaura said…
This is a very pretty colour, how much did it cost?
I followed btw :)
Shareen said…
Thx for your comment Fernlaura, well i dont knw how much this cost coz it was a gift from my aunt from canada. I Live in fiji so its hard to get this brand and color so, so sweet of my aunt.
Anonymous said…
hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

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